Story of Success: The Hair Ministry Volunteer Service

San Jacinto Manor is truly blessed to have The Hair Ministry apart of our home. The Hair Ministry is a group of volunteers that give the residents at SJM a “Free” Beauty Shop Service every Tuesday. They are Beauticians, Barbers, Manicurist and more that have been come to our home for 35 plus years.

Every Tuesday morning, the resident’s line up very excited to get their hair fixed and nails painted. The Beauty Shop gives haircuts, perms and weekly sets. They also give manicures and paint their nails any way the resident’s request.

When walking around San Jacinto Manor on Tuesdays, you see the residents full of Grace, Pride, Self Confidence and much more.

We can’t ever t hank The Hair Ministry enough for the devotion, dedication and time they have provided to our home.

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