March Employee of the Month: Jacqueline Osoro

— San Jacinto Manor would like to congratulate Jacqueline Osoro, March’s Employee of the Month. Jackie started working at San Jacinto Manor December 2017 as our RN, Weekend Supervisor. She is very dedicated and is a hard worker showing great leadership to accomplish whatever is needed. Thank you Jackie for your hard work and for all... Read More

March is Craft Month: Arts and Crafts

— Arts and Crafts can be both exciting hobbies as well as money-makers. What’s better than to earn some money doing something you love? There are as many variations of crafts as there are crafters; here are a few to consider: Candle making: Do you love burning beautiful, scented candles? Lots of people do, and will... Read More

Facts You Might Not Know About St. Patrick’s Day

— One of the legends of St. Patrick began hundreds of years ago when a boy in England was captured and taken to Ireland as a captive, where he then found God. It is said that St. Patrick could hear angels, and that he had raised people from the dead. He was a very active missionary... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— As we welcome March, I would like to address the newly integrated mail system for the Residents of San Jacinto Manor (SJM). In accordance with State and Federal regulations, Residents receive mail 6 days per week. The Business Office will be handling financially-related mailings for those Residents that have SJM as Representative Payee. All other... Read More

San Jacinto Manor Crowns Valentine King & Queen

— Mr. Donald L. and Ms. Lora M. were crowned the 2019 Valentine King and Queen of San Jacinto Manor this Valentines. They both were surprised and much appreciative of being nominated. When asked how being crowned King and Queen made them feel, “Surprised and honored, so unexpected, I have never been Queen,” the Queen said.... Read More

Story of Success: The Hair Ministry Volunteer Service

— San Jacinto Manor is truly blessed to have The Hair Ministry apart of our home. The Hair Ministry is a group of volunteers that give the residents at SJM a “Free” Beauty Shop Service every Tuesday. They are Beauticians, Barbers, Manicurist and more that have been come to our home for 35 plus years. Every... Read More

Stop and Watch

— San Jacinto Manor uses the INTERACT Program. Part of this program is “Stop and Watch”. The “STOP and WATCH” Tool is an “early warning” tool to identifying any common, but nonspecific changes in condition a patient is having. This tool can be used by any staff member who gives direct care, non-direct care (eg, housekeeping,... Read More

February Employee of the Month: Henry Reyes

— San Jacinto Manor would like to congratulate Henry Reyes, February’s Employee of the Month! Henry started working in Dietary as our Cook in January 2018. He is a hard worker, team player and is always willing to help with whatever is needed to get the job done. Thank you Henry for your hard work and... Read More

Valentine Party

— As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’d like to take a moment to express our affection for our residents. This year we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by having a party at 2 pm in the dining room. During the party we will crown a Valentine King and Queen. At the beginning of February, the nominations for... Read More

American Heart Month Supports Healthier Lives

— Cardiovascular Disease is our Nation’s # 1 Killer. During February’s American Heart Month, thousands of volunteers for the American Heart Association raise money for research and for education. To learn more about heart diseases and strokes, go to www.