Help us Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

— April marks the recognized celebration of National Occupational Therapy Month. Occupational Therapy helps treat people recovering from injury to regain skills, and providing support for individuals who experience physical and cognitive changes. The common conditions they treat are in hands, hips, shoulders, and head. Occupational Therapy have a perspective, in which the focus is on... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Residents Sandra M. Alfonso C. Your friends and family at San Jacinto Manor would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoy your special day.

Earth Day: Helping the Environment and Ourselves

— April 22 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, begun in 1970 and celebrated around the world. Earth Day reminds us of our personal and collective responsibility to preserve and protect our environment. For many the word “environment” means the natural world: the mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, animals, and the air around us. To others,... Read More

Happy Activity Professionals Week – January 24-30!

— We owe a lot to our Activities team for keeping our residents and families encouraged to safely participate and interact in so many innovative ways during the past year. From hallway Bingo to window visits, they have gone above and beyond to lift us all up with new activities. Luckily January 24-30 is designated to... Read More

Birdwatching Day – January 5

— Dust off your binoculars on January 5 for National Bird Day! There are plenty of benefits to taking part in birdwatching: physical activity, learning something new, spending time outdoors… the list goes on! Being outside is great for your mental health, as it generally improves your mood and provides you with a space to move... Read More

“Christmas Door” Decorating Contest

— Congratulations Maria Preciado for winning this year’s “Christmas Door” Decorating Contest. Maria also won the “Candy Jar” with her guess being closest to the amount in the jar. Thank you, Maria, for all you do! We also want to thank all the staff for your hard work in making decorating every resident’s door for Christmas.

Happy Birthday!

— Residents Adelmira R. Joseph S. Patricia R. Joe A. Dorothy A. Your friends and family at San Jacinto Manor would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoy your special day.

Nurse’s Note

— Flu season is here. It is the time of the year to begin preparing for the upcoming Flu Season. We are able to provide the Influenza (Inactivated Virus) Vaccine for our Residents and staff. We encourage all family members to help stop the spread by using everyday preventative actions. Wear your mask, wash your hands... Read More

SJM’s Christmas Celebrations

— Christmas is right around the corner and Santa will be here very soon. Many people are asking us for gift ideas for the residents. Some suggestions of gifts that the residents enjoy are warm clothes, sweaters, any large print books/ magazines, non-skid socks, new bed spreads blanks, room decorations, or pictures of the family. The... Read More